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Welcome to the photos and results page! Photos are our favorite part of the event. Click on some of our favorites below, and be on the lookout for more all the time. Also, be sure to check our FB Page and tag yourself for your friends to see!
Click on the links below to see the results from past races!

FDPR 2017 - Overall Results
FDPR 2017 - By Distance
FDPR 2017 - By Gender
FDPR 2017 - By Age

FDPR 2016 - Overall Results
FDPR 2016 - By Distance
FDPR 2016 - By Gender
FDPR 2016 - By Age


FDPR 2015 - Overall Results
FDPR 2015 - By Distance
FDPR 2015 - By Gender
FDPR 2015 - By Age


First Dam Pancake Run 2014

Photo Galleries